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Officer Ricky – Arrest This Town (Video)

blame it on Shake October 9, 2009


Rick Ross takes a jab at Floyd Mayweather in his newest freestyle while telling current inmates that he hasn’t lost his CO swag.

Haha… I’m dying over here. Hit the jump for the lyrics…

Ricky rosay, run up in ya cell block
How its gunplay, when that nigga shell shock
We the law fool, started off the crack game
Niggaz mad, Cuz we took over the rap game
Lights out, Lockdown, Triple cs nigga
You kno the deal, Hands up, on ya knees nigga
took the sheets, then I took ova the streets
now Its shower time nigga, time to take ova the meat
NO HOMO!, I meant say beef
wicklow niggaz dont want it, cuz its time to eat
Donuts by the box, That fresh krispy kreme
Its deeper than the macs, shout out to micky dees
believe I had keys, and I never took a L
And when I say keys, i mean the keys going to cell
Gorillas in a cages, Now they getting g-mail
I got the streets on lock, no bond, no bail
Wat u did wit chris brown, who Mr.slap a hoe
I locked that nigga up, But I had to let him go
how bout that fool killed mike, we gave him homicide
The whole prison cried/ when my nigga mike died
Ima boss, Im thinkin world domination
They Got brisco, Im still lookin for them haitans
Carol City Cops, Wat the fuck is wicklow
If u aint wick u aint shit, but the boss on patrol

Relax… it’s all in good fun folks. No need to get your panties in a bunch defending someone that doesn’t even know your name.