NFL (Week 5)

blame it on Meka October 11, 2009

Here we are at the fifth week of the NFL season. Some teams are back to their old ways (Colts, Giants), some are mucking it up as usual (Chiefs, Raiders), some have been uninspiring (Chargers, Redskins) and some have been surprising (Bengals, San Francisco). The key games this week seem to be the Bengals/Ravens, Broncos/Patriots and Falcons/49ers. As usual, shit-talking, predictions and more shall commence in the c-section.

(2)Dope Madden League ’10: For those of you who have both an XBox 360 and Madden ’10, I’ve set up a franchise league for 16 players to participate for bragging writes and possibly a prize at the end (working on that now). How to enter? Well, if you have both an XBox Live account and an online franchise, do the following:

* select the “Join Franchise” option
* search for the League Name: 2dopemadden (all lower-case letters)

It’s a first come, first serve deal, so the first 15 people that join will be able to participate. IF YOU’RE GOING TO ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE, YOU MUST PLAY AT LEAST ONE GAME A WEEK TO STAY IN THE LEAGUE. After last year’s debacle – where people joined and didn’t do shit else – by week seven’s prediction post (October 24th) I’ll start eliminating people who haven’t played at lease two games. Got it? Good. Schedule under the cut. UPDATE: Due to the demand, I’ve allowed for 32 players now.

Cincinnati at Baltimore
Cleveland at Buffalo
Washington at Carolina
Pittsburgh at Detroit
Dallas at Kansas City
Oakland at NY Giants
Tampa Bay at Philadelphia
Minnesota at St. Louis
Atlanta at San Francisco
Houston at Arizona
New England at Denver
Jacksonville at Seattle
Indianapolis at Tennessee
NY Jets at Miami