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Mase Bumrushes Diddy (Video)

blame it on Shake October 18, 2009

The above Twitter message went up a few days ago and left a few questions in folks minds. That is, if you care about Mason Betha at all. And let’s be real… there’s not that many of ya’ll out there haha. Anyways… Ma$e walks in on a radio interview Diddy was doing while out in Atlanta with some “freedom papers”.

Pay close attention to Puff’s face, the body language and the vibe in the room. Puff is like “surprise” when Mase walks in and everyone is pretty much trying to play it off. Watch Mase’s face the whole time, his facial expressions and gestures are HILARIOUS!!!!! This nikka puts his feet up on the counter and he’s cheesing the whole time. Mase says “now I can work”…. TRANSLATION: THAT N*GGA PUFF BEEN BLOCKING MY MONEY!!!!!! – Kim (shuddup.com)

Haha… hit the jump for the visuals.

Spotted at Miss Info’s lair.