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50 Cent Talks Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, BISD, etc

blame it on Shake October 21, 2009

In a recent interview with Complex, Curtis talks about a number of topics. From Fat Joe’s first week/weak sales, the MTV list, Gucci Mane, possible tension between himself and Dr. Dre, Hov and more. Check a quote below and hit the link after for the full write up.

Getting back to Jay-Z, who ended up #1 on the list. Much has been made of his recent comment that “no one is afraid of 50 Cent.” Regardless, it seems like the general public agrees that Kanye wouldn’t have pulled that stunt if you were on stage instead of Taylor Swift…

He wouldn’t. You can’t convince the public, you can’t convince Kanye to say he would’ve did that. If I was there and he did that to me we would have had an altercation. Right there. It’s clear. He [Kanye] would have avoided that, just being intelligent. The interviewer who asked [Jay-Z] about the Kanye situation made him feel like a punk. His presentation is really simple and you can’t have both. You can’t be gangster Jay from Marcy and be the good guy Jay-Z on Oprah. You just can’t. They don’t let you in. That’s Mr. Knowles, he just got that pass. There ain’t any tickets to an inauguration ball with niggas. If you’re from the hood, you have that element or that aura around you, there’s no tickets for you. It’s “safe” people there. This is why those things are happening. This is why he has to convince the person that he’s talking to he’s not afraid of anyone.

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