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Graymaker (Grayskul x Maker) – Crazy Talk

blame it on Shake November 7, 2009

How I wasn’t previously aware of this is beyond me. But Rhymesayers/Oldominion emcees JFK & Onry Ozzborn (better known as Grayskul) have linked up with Maker to form Graymaker. Here goes the first single. And if you hit the jump I’ve included the artwork, tracklist and a write up via StrageFamousRecords.

DOWNLOAD: Graymaker (Grayskul x Maker) – Crazy Talk | Mediafire

From song to song they take you on an expedition a journey that will get you high if your feeling low, It’s powerful enough to make you sit down and think. Shit! Might be strong enough to make you put down your drink. From track to track the CD moves from being woke-up by their kids early in the morning for cereal to dealing with addiction and then on to that old hip hop bravado, talking about being better then you! All the way to girls, being judged by your peers, faith, and fictitious wordplay exploring real life situations.

GRAYMAKER is easily one of the most straight up, in your face, strictly Hip Hop albums that Grayskul has ever brought fourth in their career. With the wardrobe that was provided by Maker Grayskul really had no choice but to come hard, and as real as life itself.

With both Maker and Grayskul being seasoned vets in this beautiful thing we call Hip Hop this collaboration is left sounding polished and matured in a way only matched by experience and trial. Collectively these 3 artist have stood tall with the likes of Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Glue, Abstract Rude, Living Legends, Qwel, Ill Bill, Qwazaar, Awol One, P.O.S., Slug and many many others through collaborations, tours, handling of each others production and just straight standing side by side and punching a mark in the face!

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