NFL Week 9

blame it on Meka November 7, 2009
nyorker nfl

Week 9 is here, and obviously the Cowboys-Eagles matchup is the game of the week. However, the Texans-Colts game looks to be a good one as well. Real talk, this year’s Texans = last year’s Cardinals in terms of surprising teams. As usual, shit-talking under the cut.

Now, on to this (2)Dope Madden League madness… what am I doing wrong, people? Because people just aren’t showing up, I’m just advancing weeks. So you (the participants) tell me (the commish) what should go down in order to make this work. Let me know, party people.

Washington at Atlanta
Arizona at Chicago
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Houston at Indianapolis
Kansas City at Jacksonville
Miami at New England
Green Bay at Tampa Bay
Carolina at New Orleans
Detroit at Seattle
San Diego at NY Giants
Tennessee at San Francisco
Dallas at Philadelphia
Pittsburgh at Denver