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Cosmo – Rugrats f. Tunji

blame it on Shake November 22, 2009

My man Tunji comes through with a stellar verse as he assists Cosmo for a new joint off his upcoming Pieces EP. Lyrics after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Cosmo – Rugrats f. Tunji & Jaylene Clark (prod. Budo)

Verse 1: Tunji
Yo, pardon if I come off a bit disrespectful
But I always dreamed of being rich and successful
So I’m always working while I’m scripting out my next move
Ever since the day my momma shipped me off to prep school
In ninth grade, had a grind page, mindstate
So if they said I couldn’t do it, I would find ways
I see the vision clearly, even through my blind faith
Laughin’ at these corny rappers on my myspace
But everyday is like a new struggle
I try to focus on the songs to get me through my troubles
Sometimes the lessons life teaches you are truly subtle
So never let the haters hurt you, or the fools judge you
See I’m tryin’ to live a wonderful life
Full of beautiful bright days and colorful nights
Sometimes in the dark you discover the light
So next time there’s a struggle in sight
Just remember that…

Hook: Jaylene Clark
So when you see my pain
Never been afraid of breakin’
If I don’t seem ok, I’m better with the dreams I’m chasin’
I ain’t weak just phased, forever I’ll be reachin’ greatness
Just let me be my way (my way)

Verse 2: Cosmo
I got clouds above, and I’m out of love
Won’t drown in drugs, so I’m out of luck
Just a clown in tucks, but I wanna’ beat the circus
No need for fake smiles, not a people person
Went to the playground where life was good
It all traces back to my childhood
Chess outside, where I would ride the rook
And knew how to rep the Knight like I was Suge
I was the kid at the park sittin’ on the mood swings
Felt the highs and the lows, flyin’ through the cool wind
Call me a loser, but I hated tyin’
So I rocked shoes with some new loose strings
It was a funny picture, imagine Chuckie Finster and his buddy Pickles
Jumpin’ in the mud, runnin’ from getting’ their own tummies tickled
Almost 20 now, and I’m still a rug rat
Except the floor is my stage and it’s where I bust raps