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Rob Jay – Art Life EP

blame it on Shake November 27, 2009

When it comes to posting new artists at the dopehouse, I’ve got the same attitude as KevinNottingham. It’s all about timing. You have to understand we get dozens upon dozens of submissions daily; so it’s literally impossible to give everyone a listen. There are those few times when I’ll have a spare minute though. And I’ll use it to check some shit out. Case in point… Houston’s Rob Jay. I decided to look past his email that did nothing but question my integrity (smh) and let the music speak for itself. Dude’s lucky I did as I was 2 seconds away from marking him down as spam. The EP included actually came out in June, but like I said… it’s impossible to listen to everything. I’ve also included a stream of the single entitled Director’s Chair for ya’ll to peep before you download.


1. Addicted
2. Art Life
3. Back to the Basics
4. Director’s Chair
5. Each One
6. Gangsta
7. I’m Nice
8. Intro
9. Uncreatively Creative

DOWNLOAD: Rob Jay – Art Life EP

If you like what you hear.. you can look for his upcoming Video Rob is Dead mixtape, which drops December 21st.