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Gym Class Heroes Working on PCC II (Video)

blame it on Shake December 11, 2009

This is great news for anyone that has been following GCH since their official debut. After stating he’s finishing up his solo album (entitled The Lazarus Project), Travis McCoy also says that the band is working on the follow up to (my personal favorite GCH album) The Papercut Chronicles.

“Man, It hasn’t really been that long since The Quilt,” he laughed. “But, for real, I’m actually wrapping up my solo record, which is called The Lazarus Project, which will hopefully be out this spring, [and] we’ve already started demo-ing for the new Gym Class record, PCC II. I won’t get into what that acronym stands for, but anybody that’s followed GCH for a while knows what I’m talking about.

“We’re about 12 demos deep,” he continued. “All I got to say is it’s definitely going back to the essence of Gym Class Heroes, which is four dudes sitting in a room, vibing off each other and making organic, dark metal.”

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