50 Cent x XXL Outtakes

blame it on Meka December 14, 2009

Straight from the cutting room floor of XXL’s Dec/Jan cover story, 50 reveals his love of KRS-One & Buckshot, as well as the return of G-Unit and why Jimmy doesn’t get phased by 50 talking greasy about him on Smile.

Some choice words:

XXL: Who does 50 Cent listen to for inspiration?

50 Cent: You’d be surprised by what I listen to. When ain’t nothing going on…. [KRS-One] did some shit with Buckshot, and I listened to that. I still listen to the Black Moon record.

XXL: How do you top a classic debut?

50 Cent: It’s not my curse—we’re all cursed with the same curse. Nas, Illmatic. Jay-Z, Reasonable Doubt. So many artists, their first projects. Because you don’t get a second shot at a first impression, and fans can’t top that intensity again because you were new at that point. A lot of those records didn’t actually connect as well as Get Rich or Die Tryin’; those shits were gold records. They had a specific core; if you ask Nas or Jay-Z, they’ll probably tell you that they wrote those records for their hood. And they didn’t sell a lot of their records at that point because it was specifically for their hood. Mine’s happened to be fucking aggressive but it had those big-ass hit records on it. It felt darker because I had already wrote all those [mixtape] records for my hood before the first album actually came out.

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