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Nino Bless – Buffalo Bill (52 Bars)

blame it on Shake December 24, 2009

Nino is embarking on a new series entitled 1000 Bars. Look for him to drop a series of freestyles (that will eventually equate to 1000 bars by the end of the quarter). I hinted to this one last night on Twitter (as shown above), and now it’s time to drop that exclusive on ya’ll. I’ve also included the lyrics after the jump…

In in this day and age this is where you have to stay active on the net as much as possible. Along with my engineer Neenah we work pretty fast with quality so I figured I’d do a series quarterly that ya’ll can try to keep up with. Its basically a 1000 bar series. I figured I’d give folks 1000 bars every quarter in a form of freestyles and sometimes over original production. So this is the start of my new series here off the “Buffalo Bill” instrumental. 52 bars where I really wasn’t keeping count but thats what it ended up being. Only 948 more bars to go. Its nothing! Follow me on Twitter and stay tuned for updates as to when I’m dropping the follow ups but it will be very frequent. I had to have Shake world premiere this since he basically helped me cement my idea. – Nino Bless


DOWNLOAD: Nino Bless – Buffalo Bill (52 Bars) | Mediafire

Soon as the beat drops,
you getting heat rocks
I don’t need time like a thief with a cheap lock
all that cheap talk’s weak ak
go ahead, take ya best shot but I’ll never drop like Detox
I re-stock, then re-rock, cause folks hassle
got a Chris Paul handle on this don’t gamble
son I peeped ya whole scandal
ya styles played out like a beat with no samples
had to wait for a full moon
to spit over this shit,
this spic holds a sickness
no cure, Bless’ll haunt u to the casket
I’ll leave u worse than that vaccine did the cheerleader walking backwards
sad shit, don’t think its a game
the gat spits, use ya chest to test the trigger i bang
bastard, I spaz cause we don’t live it the same
and that’s word to this inserted microchip in my veins
murder is the verdict if u dissin my name
feel the furnace though I’ve yet to script the verse to which I’ve risen to fame
word, its absurd if u doubt this fella
I spits nasty like regurgitated burgers full of salmonella
got wild gorillas some banana clip peelers
if you rile us up the cannon splits wig up
now pick up your too pay, you fooogaze, ya crews gay,
ya tool sprays? nope, u should switch ya gangsta shit to Lupe
that’s the Que for u to say, touche
cause the way you play its a phase, u move weight today
tomorrow you’re different, u follow whats written
that’s hollowness, how niggaz see a dime with mono and kiss em?
never rattled though I’m bottled with mischief
I’m gifted, so I’ll admit it my bravado is wicked
go against this? you better off wifin’ the mafia boss’s daughter
and getting caught with a modeling mistress, nitwit
Isee u trying to nitpick
my flaws, there’s a reason for the hate? well I missed it
or i dismissed it like XXL’s freshmen list
get the fuck out of here if I ain’t mentioned bitch!
Bless admits, the group thing could’ve been cool
but don’t call me bitter cause that would’ve been you!
so how you know Nino? & what he’s so mad at
when we never met, spoke, or even gmail chatted
maggot, thats faggot shit added with
inadequateness, ya data’s inaccurate fact isn’t myth
you cant last with this quick start slashing ya wrist
then shoot venom to your brain through a catheter tip
I’m, a savage with wit
I’m what New York’s desperate for like Lebron to come and carry the Knicks
Please! none hotter fuck the politics
got suicide bombers screaming Allah hoping Flex could drop a bomb on this
I’m hot as grits off big mommas stove top
all I writes them numbers snoop sung after “You don’t stop”
following Dre, got trifling ways
battle me? put down ya bible grab your rifle and pray!

52 down, 948 to go.