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Mickey Factz – thedarkphoenix: ALPHA (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake January 1, 2010

After taking it easy this past year, Mickey is ready to put in work in 2010. Starting off with his highly anticipated ALPHA project.

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1. Sunrise

With all of my projects, I let all of my emotions and feelings out on one song. Just me writing as much as I possibly can and letting the feel of the beat dictate my tone. At the time of me painting this record, I wanted to have a feeling of overcoming. In hindsight that’s what the sun does everyday, overcome the night. I used the sun as a metaphor to convey these emotions.

[Color/s: Red, Blue & Green]

2. Amnesia

A lot of people forget that I can actually rap. I get that feeling a lot. All the time. So with how I approach my freestyles, I try to spit over instrumentals and loops that nobody would dare use. Justice is one of my favorite groups and “Let There Be Light” is one of my favorite records from them. So I did what I did best: Paint.

[Color/s: Green]

3. Turn It Up

A preview of what’s to come in 2010. This song is featured on DJ Amplive’s project dropping this year. Enjoy it while you can.

[Color/s: Red & Green]

4. Still I Rise

Whatever happened to the anthems? What happened to the songs to help us get through struggles? I’ve felt down at times. I’ve hit rock bottom. I’ve lost my mind a couple of times that I can remember. However, through it all, still I rise. Maya Angelou’s famous poem is a prophetic message for me in my life. Nothing will or can tear me down as long as I’m breathing. And if I can believe that, so should you.

[Color/s: Blue & Green]

5. Ashes

In the midst of enjoying life, there is pain. During the recording process, that’s exactly what I felt. I know how to place my life in records very well. For example, when certain people get depressed, they smoke. Its like an extension of sighing almost. I named the song ashes to remind us that when we go through certain things, the unnecessary things, then it’s time to dump those ashes. Ashes fall off the end of a cigarette very easily and when u fall for someone so should minuscule problems.

[Color/s: Blue]

6. S/ecrets T/hat D/estroy

The premise and subject of this song is often strayed away from. I wanted to touch base on something that’s affecting the world day by day. Usually when we get wind of a secret, we’re supposed to hold onto it until death. Ironically, the particular secrets I talk about bring forth death, destruction and despair.

[Color/s: Red]

7. Contemplations Of A King

I was born a prince. All of us are born into royalty. In order to inherit the upper echelon of what’s inevitable, you have to figure out life’s quarrels. There are so many hurdles to deter you. Succeeding in conquering these quarrels takes patience, wisdom and contemplation. Through that, you will realize your true potential.

[Color/s: Red & Blue]

8. Sunset

The Phoenix is a mythical creature who rises from the ashes, creating a surge of fire to reach its peak. Watching the sunset is like experiencing the gates of heaven open up before your eyes. Most people have seen so many wonders in life always anticipating the next greatest thing. When in reality, their life is the greatest experience they will live. We must live each day like the phoenix, as the sun sets to see the unimaginable of the next.

[Color/s: Red, Blue & Green]

DOWNLOAD: Mickey Factz – thedarkphoenix: ALPHA | Mediafire