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Bring It Back: Jaylib (Jay Dee x Madlib) – The Red [2003]

blame it on Shake January 7, 2010

During the past 5-6 years of being in this line of work (HHDX x 2dbz) it’s become quite obvious that the music industry gets pretty quiet around this time. Sure we’ll get some dope tracks/videos here and there, but not nearly as rapid as the third and fourth quarter. So why let that slow the dopehouse down? Which is why I’ve decided to start up this little off brand series. No specific dates, no specific genre, nothing. Just a random post at any given moment that will feature a track or two that may bring you back to a certain place in time, piss you off for not being “new and exclusive” or maybe put you onto something you haven’t heard before. *shrugs…

While sifting through the music on my iPod and getting ready for my trip back home I ended up stopping at Jaylib’s Champion Sound. For those that don’t know, Jaylib was a collaborative effort between Madlib and the late great J Dilla. Half the album was produced by Madlib with Dilla on the vocals, while the other half was Dilla beats and Madlib vocals. Throw in Guilty Simpson, Frank-N-Dank, Percee P, Talib Kweli and Madlib’s helium inhaling alter-ego Quasimoto and you’ve got yourself an incredibly dope album. This track in particular was the first single; and for good reason as it’s one of my favorite Dilla beats of all time.


DOWNLOAD: Jaylib – The Red [2003] | Mediafire
BONUS: Jaylib – The Red [Instru.]