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Fat Joe Talks New Album, Single w/ Young Jeezy (Audio)

blame it on Shake January 8, 2010

Fat Joe chops it up with MTV about his upcoming album, The Darkside v.1.

“The people gotta understand: I don’t give a fuck right now. It’s nothing to be political, nothing to be friends about. My niggas that’s with me is the loyal niggas. Bandwagon niggas don’t rock with me. Right now, I tried to give y’all the nice guy. I tried to go, ‘Hello, Aloha’ — they don’t want Fat Joe to do that. I’mma have to do something that I’m an expert at; it’s called ‘kill people.’ That’s why it’s The Darkside: Volume 1. Once you get this one, you ain’t gonna never want Fat Joe to do anything else. Just know that this new album right here is about to be the skeleton. We about to change how every nigga do their album now. Niggas is gonna have to come hard.”

“How I figure it, you make all that pretty music, and you ain’t selling no records anyway. You might as well do what your strength is. I come from Diggin’ in the Crates, Big L, Big Pun. I come from this hard shit. I’m not playing with niggas. The mask is off, the gloves is off. We darkin’ out, we don’t care. We leaving fingerprints at the police scene so they can find it on purpose.”

I’ve got to admit, I’m looking forward to this. When Joey is on his gritty NY shit, it’s dope. Hit the jump for the Jeezy/single talk.

Joe is working with Young Jeezy, Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled, Cool & Dre, Alchemist, Street Runner and more on the LP. Scott Storch is also set to dish out beats.

“Some people wish, they wish it was over,” he laughed. “I got some things that’s gonna light up the airwaves. My first single I’m gonna put out, me and Young Jeezy, when Funk Flex hears this, he’s gonna play it from 7 at night, till 11 at night. No other songs played on the station, no interruption. The worst thing you can do to Fat Joe is back him in the corner or back him down till he’s got no breathing room. He’s a warrior. He’s a conquistador. He’s coming out fighting and swinging harder than ever. … Fat Joe’s walked through fire and the coldest of winters.”