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The Mob Squad (Jay-Z x Young Jeezy x Trey Songz) Is Coming?

blame it on Shake January 19, 2010

While on the phone with MTV, Trey Songz talks about his upcoming tour with Jay-Z & Young Jeezy. He also hints to some hopeful recordings between the three.

“It’s definitely all in the talks,” Trigger Trey admitted. “It’s the Mob Squad. Me, Jay, Jeezy, we plan on working together while we on this tour because the energy we have together when we get around each other is amazing. And like I said, all aspects like that on a record is amazing. Maybe while we out on the road we get it done.”

Songz will definitely be working on his new mixtape and putting it out soon.

“I been in the studio. The first thing I did when I got back in the studio was the Rihanna ‘Hard’ [remix]. I explain how I go hard. As far as music is concerned, the grind is concerned, as far as women are concerned, I go hard. Then I went in and got four or five great records. That’s actually four or five original records. I definitely want to release a mixtape to show people that [the skills] ain’t went nowhere.”

To be honest I might actually be more interested in Songz’ mixtape, than a possible Mob Squad track. *shrugs.