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Rihanna – Redemption Song Live On Oprah (Video)

blame it on Meka January 20, 2010


Apparently, a few people were verklempt that this “song” had been leaked, and quite a few of us posted it when it was ideally meant for benefiting the people of Haiti. Well, in my ever-so-humble opinion those who feel a certain way about it should stick their heads in an oven with the gas on and the flame blown out. We all know what’s going on over there, and most of us have done what we can to help out down there. But to be honest, with the plethora of ways to donate nobody should feel asshurt because of a badly-reworked cover song that got leaked (with the cover art nonetheless, but that’s not the point). For starters, blame those who thought it’d be a good idea to leak the song. I for one am not running up in Def Jam stealing tracks Ocean’s Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen style, and I surely would never do it for a Rihanna track of all things. Second, there are many other ways you can support, whether it’s donating to legitimate organizations like UNICEF (what’s a Yele), or putting together your own canned food/clothing/supply drive. One fucking song isn’t going to help these people, medical equipment and hard work will.

And if you really want me to support this shit? How about having an actual Marley cover the damn thing next time, not some off-tune, barely talented, machine-manufactured pop tart who has a penchant for running around half-naked when the cameras are on her? Just my thoughts, people.

*steps off soapbox*

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