January 21st Is Special To Me Because…

blame it on Meka January 21, 2010

… it’s the day I get to wake up and realize that despite all the madness, drama and other bullshit that I’ve endured over the past 20-some odd years I’ve survived them long enough to see another born day. The past 365 have been significantly tougher than usual, as this time last year I had just come back from a three week stay in New York and was neck-deep in unemployment thanks to a combination of living in one of the brokest states in the country (California FTsWindle?) and the reverberations of the Hollywood writer’s strike of 2007 still being felt. So, per usual, I took to this site as an escape from the 50-11 freelancing gigs I had to do to keep the lights on in my studio apartment no-room mansion.

Fast-forward six months and this “escape” has turned into a somewhat lucrative opportunity, which in turn has helped me get back on my feet and out to New York, where I’ve always wanted to be, on top of the fact that I’ve proved statistics wrong by not getting locked up, shot, addicted to drugs or dead by the time I hit 25. If anything, I’d like to thank whatever deity that is watching over me from above for allowing me to inhale and exhale each and every day, as well as those whom I’ve allowed into my cypher to elevate me both mentally and emotionally. Extra shouts to the NMC family, and a special shouts goes to my Vegas brother from another mother, because without him this entire thing would not exist (then who would you go to for your daily fix, the online equivalent of the National Enquirer? Bwah!).

Anyways, I got more music to do/articles to write/people to make fun of, so I’ll end things here.