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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: Josh Theory’z Invocation

blame it on Meka January 22, 2010

So with the onset of the new year, I wanted to try something which I hope will get legs and continue on throughout the year: (2)Dope Freestyle Friday. With Bun B lacing the dopehouse a few days back I thought to myself, “Why not do this every week?” So I hit up the West Coast-based Language Artz crew, and they agreed to kick things off, with one member from the crew dropping off some bars over an instrumental we chose each Friday. Hopefully at the end of their run I can compile their tracks into one blend tape. Kicking off the inaugural (2)Dope Freestyle Friday is Josh Theory over Common’s “Invocation.” Lyrics under the cut.


DOWNLOAD: Josh Theory’z Invocation | Mediafire

Mic is in session
No rapper alive can put me in a freezer
My life ends when God sends the subpoena
The angel of death is the bailiff
Gabriel I speak in a loud cadence
Never hell, I’m on Heaven’s playlist
For scrubs this is a brain Cesarean,
Section your rhymes old you octogenarians
I’m black skin but with the white heart of an Aryan evil,
The Ethiopian Evil Knievel
I’m doing stunts on this track, the crowd requested a 2nd act
I do a doughnut to reverse it back
Court’s in session, I’m Judge Theology
Thought for food the verse infused with collard greens
I only know 2 other rappers with my skill
One is in the mirror the others was born still
Fuck a pen pass the quill stab an octopus the ink spill
Soak it up write, welcome to Hitsville
And no apologies
For being sicker than having sex with a malaria infested nude colony
I’ma rare breed achieving the impossible J,
Bare backing Asian mermaids in the Galapagos
No emcee can see me
Might as well say I’m George Washington’s son that was born out of slavery