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Freddie Gibbs: A (2)Dope FreEP

blame it on Meka January 25, 2010

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I’ll admit, I was sleeping a little bit on Freddie Gibbs, and was somewhat surprised at how quickly his name has garnered buzz around these here parts. But it was the cut he did with Pill, “Run Up To Me,” which finally caught my attention. After his guest appearance on (2)Dope Radio this past weekend, Freddie and Co. was gracious to let me see and listen to a few things he has coming up (including a track with Phonte), and also threw me a few DJ-free tracks, as well as a previously unreleased track Freddie had forgotten he’d even done. I’ve compiled these tracks into an EP for the masses. This way I’m hoping nobody else is caught sleeping the way I was. Tracklist and link down bottom. SHAKE UPDATE: I wasn’t around when this went up or I would have put together this cover earlier. I saw a few folks asking for some artwork, so here’s a little something for y’all iPod/Zune. I also added a bonus freestyle from Gangsta Gibbs that went down on Toca Tuesdays w/ DJ Tony Touch. And be sure to check out part 2 of his interview with Baller’s Eve Radio.

1. Crushin’ Feelin’s
2. Fuck Rap pt. 2
3. Pearly Gates f. Hayes
4. Thug Psalms
5. No Regrets [Unreleased]

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Gibbs: A (2)Dope EP | Mediafire
BONUS: Freddie Gibbs – Toca Tuesdays Freestyle | Mediafire