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Jay Electronica x Lupe Fiasco

blame it on Shake January 26, 2010

Lately the c-section has been boiling about who is better between these two. I don’t really think it’s fair to compare as Lu has two official albums and a ton more material out. Either way… in a upcoming interview with BrooklynBodega Jay Elect reveals that there might be a record in the works.

TCM: On Okayplayer there was a big debate — Lupe Fiasco vs Jay Electronica — going on. I know how I feel about it. I know everyone else knows how they feel about i. But when can we expect to hear y’all on a track together.

JE: We going to be no track together in the immediate future. That’s my brother. He reached out. I got bad phone etiquette so it took me a minute to reach back. But we gonna reach, we gonna talk. We’ve been in communication and we’re going to work. That’s my brother. And his sword is magnificent and he’s a great god at what he does, you know what I’m saying. We’re going to connect.

Shouts to LupEND on the heads up. Now let’s get that Act II! And speaking of Lupe… he has completed and turned in Lasers to Atlantic. He also revealed to Green Lantern that the long-delayed CRS project (Kanye x Lupe x Pharrell) might soon see the light of day.