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Bun B & GLC – Happiness Over Riches

blame it on Meka January 27, 2010

“I remember getting an e-mail about a Cool Kids and Bun B show happening on 12/15/09. I immediately thought of trying to get Bun in the studio for a Closed Session, and knew that GLC would be the perfect Chicago artist for Bun to work with. GL reached out to Bun and a mere few hours before the show I got a call that Bun was down and would be at the studio at 7. Their show (which also featured GLC) started at 9, so we had an incredibly short amount of time to make this work, and that’s if everything started promptly. Now, we’re dealing with musicians and nothing ever starts on time for musicians–this session was no exception…. You’ll get the full story of how this track went down with the full Closed Session video coming soon… For now just know that with a few strings pulled, a clutch beat from The Weathermen, and a little bit of luck, everything came together and we’re able to present “Happiness Over Riches” featuring Bun B and GLC (prod by The Weathermen).”

(2)Dope Premiere. Tracklist for Closed Session down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Bun B & GLC – Happiness Over Riches | Mediafire

Curren$y: “Rapper Weed” (Tony Baines)
Truck North and Big Pooh: “Dutch Dalton” (Tony Baines)
Amanda Diva: “I Can See” (Slot-A)
Kidz In The Hall, Chip Tha Ripper, Mikkey Halsted, Donnis: “Fresh Academy” (Double O)
Tanya Morgan: “Posted” (Tony Baines)
Emilio Rojas, Scheme, Astonish: “Helluva Year” (Dario)
U-N-I, Hollywood Holt, [email protected]!n$: “So Cold” (Million $ Mano)
Skyzoo and Rhymefest: “Crack The Code” (K-Salaaam and Beatnik)
Bun B and GLC: “Happiness Before Riches” (The Weathermen)