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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: Raven’s Buck

blame it on Meka January 29, 2010

Last week kicked off the return of (2)Dope Freestyle Fridays with the Los Angeles-based Language Artz crew at the helm. Today’s edition introduces their latest acquisition, Raven Sorvino. Lyrics under the cut.


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I spit that camouflage rap strap on ya Timberlands
How is that, I’m the hardest muthafucka in this bitch
Puttin’ L.A on the map, rockin with the illest clique
Language Artz is the crew we got that Raw Rap Shit
Yo peep the menu, part 2 we will continue
Defeat ya mental, with food for thought over instrumentals
Picaso saw potential, in the Raven
Quote me nevermore I’m on my Kerry King when I’m slayin’
I’m just saying I got a bulletproof heart with a spark
I ain’t speaking to you cuz you’re a NARC
And I ain’t fucking with you cuz you’re a mark
I’m on my hip hop shit yo, it started in the park
Got the Philly on my ear, fresh kicks, Polo gear
Heading to the liquor bank, get me a Heine beer
These niggas be hating, they can’t do what I do
These bitches be complaining, I ain’t thinking about ya dude
Snitches call the cops, I’ma murderer not a thief
“What’s her alibi?” I don’t know she’s a beast
And I’m still looking fly in my pink Lo Life fleece
The hardest chick to find my stature proud is so elite
SWAT knocking at my door because of my allure and more
If looks could kill you staring at a loaded .44
My entourage and squad what’s a quickie Minaj
I’m getting money off of publishing I’m sick of these broads