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Cormega – UGHH x KarmaloopTV Interview (Video)

blame it on Meka February 3, 2010


Cormega sits down with Underground HipHop x KarmaLoop Tv to speak on his new album Born and Raised, his company Legal Hustle Ent. and more.

What about Bumpy Knuckles, Cormega…

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Dear Freddie Foxxx, hows it going I heard about a track (old song) with you saying some things about Guru and for some reason my name slipped on there so I thought Id reach out to you since I dont have your math. Anyway you said you made me no Freddie, God made me but you did influence my decision to go independant as did E Money Bags so I guess since I get all the recognition as a trendsetter you feel as if you aint getting your proper due well “You the man Foxxx”. Ok now that thats out the way you say I fronted on you for a whiteboy at Koch keep it real since you put it out there say you talking about Bob I was doing business with him but I would never come between a man and his paper and also whiteboys buy most of your records mine too so lets keep them out of it. Last but not least you say a girl out rapped me etc etc yada yada I say this Im going to make you an offer how about you get beat and write a verse and see if YOU can out rap me. I wont even say your name or say any disrespectful lines towards you just pure skill because truth be told Im FUCKING NICE with the bars. I dont want this to be like the situation with you and Rakim which really hurt me to see you due to the history of the peoples.

Last but not least what happened??? You used to be my nigga you used to come to Queensbridge and kick it with me when I came home you was one of the only niggas in the industry that I considered fam we fuck with the same circle attend the same funerals wakes cook-outs “What Did I Do”
Anyway call the peeps if you need my number