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Nickelus F On Drake

blame it on Meka February 3, 2010

Complex spoke to Nickelus F about his affiliation with Drake… and here comes the Internets speculation, also known as the most accurate facts in the world…

Complex: Have you ever helped him with a verse?

Nickelus F: Yeah, I’ve contributed. I’m a team player. I won’t say I wrote a verse that he spit verbatim, but I’ve contributed. I helped out with the hook on “City Is Mine” the hook on “Overdose On Life.” I didn’t do anything on the verse at all.

Complex: Oh, so it’s like sometimes you might help write a hook, or if it’s part of the verse you might help start off a verse, or write some of the verse?

Nickelus F: Yeah, I’ve done that. I know the rumor going around. I don’t want anything I say to be misconstrued. I helped out, you know. [Laughs].

Complex: So anyone who says, “Nickelus F writes for Drake” would be mistaken?

Nickelus F: Yes. Have I done work here and there? Yes I have. Do I write for him on a regular basis? No. Have I written for him on a regular basis? No.

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Complex: But you have written for him before?

Nickelus F: Verses?

Complex: Yeah.

Nickelus F: Yes, I have done a verse. Not a bunch of verses. I have helped out with hooks and one verse in particular. But I don’t write no verses for him.

Complex: What was that one verse in particular?

Nickelus F: I don’t want to say! [Laughs].

Complex: Was it well known?

Nickelus F: Yeah, it’s well known. I don’t know if I necessarily want to put that out there. That’s my homie at the end of the day.