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Swizz Beatz On Expansion (Video)

blame it on Meka February 4, 2010

Swizz said he’s planning to start a Web site about his career. One of Swizz’s main focuses this year is to build his birth name into a name brand.

“I still don’t get my props like that,” he said. “But it’s cool. When I get it, it’s gonna all make sense. … But I’m not looking for no props. I’m looking for people to have a great time and recognize real music, and that’s it. This year, I’m just graduating the whole Swizz Beatz brand. I’m going more Kasseem Dean, which is my government [name]. Kasseem Dean is the guy that travels all around the world, that deals with art, that does all the philanthropic work, that’s scoring movies, that’s doing clothes with major designers. All those things fall under the Kasseem Dean category. Swizz Beatz is ‘On to the Next One,’ ‘Transform Ya,’ all the stuff you see in the video. From 2009 on backwards is Swizz Beatz. All my tracks, that could still be Swizz Beatz. Anytime it’s something outside of beats, it’s Kasseem Dean. It’s important for me to graduate that brand.” – MTV

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