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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: Gerrentee’d Plague

blame it on Meka February 5, 2010

Continuing on with this week’s (2)Dope Freestyle Fridays, we have the Language Artz’ Gerrentee rapping over Beanie Sigel’s “No Glory.” The best part is that the crew out there isn’t telling me who’ gonna spit over the track I give them, so even I don’t know how the final product turns out until I get the track. Dopeness.


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Yeah… let me start wit’ respect to the Beans
Wit’ that done nigga see my focus is the green
Why I spit that raw uncut contraband
Flip, exposin’ bitch niggas’ like holograms
A couple G’s on ya head like the Gucci brand
And drop gems on these hoes like Solomon
Shit… I’m the king to you commoners
That’s why they trackin’ all my steps like pedometers
It gets Ludacris I ain’t talkin’ Collipark
Haters sayin’ “waaazzz upppp” like Marty Mart
It’s still showtime after dark
They brown nosing cuz my spit pucker lips like shock tarts
So say my flows Humphrey you know I Bogart
In the game go home antonym I go hard
And round here know the beef served a la carte
Now bare witness to the greatness like ohh lorddddd
My Hippocratic oath is meant to alarm thee
U tryin’ to match light, on cue you just a Barbie
Ken ya laking below the waste line
I drill’em back and forth on the baseline
Raisin in the sun might hear it to the great vine
Careful what you quote get crushed and turned to great wine
Top story dateline, bumps to the blind
And “so on” put it together that’s when I’ll be here
Soon Nigga…..Gerrentee