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NahMean ep.4: Hip Hop Music vs. Hip Hop Culture (Video)

blame it on Shake February 9, 2010


The latest episode of NahMean, brought to you by NahRight and the homie John Public.

Kids today are influenced by many different factors, with media, friends, parents and personal interest at the forefront. In our fourth episode, we wanted to look at the push and pull relationship music and culture share with each other and it’s ultimate influence on people (specifically today’s youth). We spoke with people entrenched in the genre of hip-hop, as well as some teens that offered their candid opinions on how music affects them. To offer your commentary, get over to NahRight.com or facebook.com/johnpublicmusic. Be on the look for the mixtape John Said: NahMean debuting with our fifth episode in late February 2010.

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