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Officer Ricky – Ode to Tia (Video)

blame it on Shake February 10, 2010


A wise man once told the Bawse it’s better to have loved with the Rawse than have to, no… BAWSE! TRILLLA!!

Dont you think about the maybach in the drive thru
Double stack on yo lap, Fat mac beside you
You never had a law enforcer inside you?
You never had a fat boy to confide to
I cant believe u let that monkey co-sign you
I couldve got you a book deal if I try to
Im sayin fuck bossTIA what about JR
He keep hearing rumors he gone think a nigga loser
Do u think about the cuffs
You was smuggling drugs so the boss had to bust
I confiscate the goods and I ate it all up
It was like interrogation when I ate it all up
Stealing groupies on my bus
Tryna rob me for my chain, Tryna steal my donuts
Dont tell me that you left me for a coat
Child support got me stressing so Im puffin on a port

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