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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: The Bowtie B4 The Opera

blame it on Meka February 12, 2010

The artist formally known as Bread Boi (now known simply as Bread) is next up on the (2)Dope Freestyle Friday session, going in over Swizz Beatz’ “Where The Cash At” instrumental. Lyrics to go down bottom.


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Lyrical homicide
Birthed in a casket
Where my past died
The wonderment’s a scapegoat
I visualize the prophecy then cloak quotes
Code of honor
City of angles be the keeper
Off that devils pie
I conquer and divide
Fatal thoughts of suicide
In the minds of the lost souls
Misguided by the shepherds
So the truth is never told
Low and behold the soul
Who chose the road thats narrow
The sound of doves crying
Is unknown amongst the sparrows
I sleep amongst the pharaohs
In the valley of the kings
Give and taketh like the Nile
So the plagues forever seen
The scenery is gracious
Plains stakes raise the faces
Of the masses life’s gems
Are implicit in my classes
For the currency I spit a million daggers
Til it reach your epidermis
In my house of flying sorcerers a burn ya
This is verbal intercourse
No protection seek perfection by the dose
The resurrections manifested let us toast.