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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: To Catch A Predator

blame it on Meka February 19, 2010

A.T goes in over one of my favorite Dilla instrumentals for this edition of (2)Dope Freestyle Fridays. Lyrics to go down bottom.


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OK I got about 60 left, uh, so I’ma go hard wit this like I rep Nipsey’s set,
I need a union of g’s, not no 50 Cent,
Snot nose idiots its bout those Benjamins,
Yeah I’m tryna get paid in full, for that Deniro I unleash the Raging Bull,
And I’m still cool but I didn’t stay in school,
Cuz I don’t play by the books nigga I make the rules,
So catch me I’m ballin’, wait, no catch me I’m fallin’, sike,
You can’t catch me I’m stallin’,
If you could catch me it wouldn’t ever be in the century that y’all live,
No matter how many hours you listen you need warp speed just to get to our dimension,
Yeah that’s kinda strange cuz for me nowadays it seems more bars is my way up outta my prison,
So y’all have to get gone, cuz the battle is on,
In the land where every man wanna be Agamemnon,
All using the gift of gab, I give the gab they give him cash and then I dash,
Quick and fast ya shit is trash you finish last, harder than Popeye gripping the spinach can,
Yeah the glimmer man,
Always ten steps ahead of ya, cuz MSNBC will never catch this predator,
No Chris Hansen shit happens, man I’m fuckin’ these kids up and then laughin’,
And I don’t chase bitches like a mail man in Bozoro Land, I’m straight different and you gone fail man cuz you followin,
All them recipes from other cats, that umbrella I’ll never be up under that,
And on earth I don’t feel no mans a threat, unless you heard em say that he came from Planet X,
That’s when I gotta upgrade to my next stage and release something that’ll give nightmares to Wes Craven,
Alrighty, I don’t give a fuck if none of y’all like me,
I’m waiting on the second coming of the Almighty, none of y’all like me,
If I’m lying, then God strike me