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Who Wants Tanya Morgan Tickets?

blame it on Meka February 22, 2010

Want a pair of tickets to check out Tanya Morgan, Kooley High, YC The Cynic and P.SO tonight, New York? Sure you do.

How to enter? Simple: just leave your real (not cyber) name and legit email address where it asks you to in the c-section below. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first or 561st entrant, as all correct entries will be considered. One thing, though: when the c-section is closed, so is the contest. Do not email me with your entry once that happens, or I’ll instantly send you to my spam box, voiding any and every other chance you get to win any future contests. You have to be in New York the day of the show, and if you’re not going to, don’t bother entering and wasting my and your time.

Now is that so hard? Get to it. Flyer under the cut.