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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: Acceptance Speech (Family Grammy)

blame it on Meka February 26, 2010

Next up on the Freestyle Friday circuit is Picaso over Consequence’s “Grammy Family.” Lyrics down bottom.


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Revisiting the shit
Shoveling manure inside the pulpit, maneuver Heinrichs
For those that are choking on my script-ture
Either rollin’ or you not these are Moses words
I’m feelin’ like ‘Ye in furs
Bad chick middle finger to the PETA she enthused with curves
Animalistic I’m n and out, rapidly
Holding my shit down ta earth, gravity
Ripping the ain’t Freeway no beats, Cassidy
No you ain’t car sick ya minds, traveling
Turn over you are outta bounds jack
I am Gilligan on this island and u ain’t going back
Compress thoughts and I explode life
Sink in reverb think twice
Kill niggaz with the left
Pan right
Tuck ya chain in on some goodnight
You a packet of dat sweet and ya Crystals Light
You aint gotta Ben, Baller?
Finding oil where they T minus up in Houston, Oiler
Spoiler exhausted on the car, if u take out the r,
Then that’s what I rep
CA all day,
South Central slept,
Woke up inside in a coffin bottled up from all ya threats
Pressures of Hov,
Killing this beat, live on Hot 97 but I will not retreat
Goliath on my feet
Einstein mind, Don Giovanni when I operate crime
Get my lines out
Then dial 9
Put a 6 up in front now she suck it all the time
Audio heroin everytime I rhyme
So getta fresh needle like u gathering the pine
Every-time i hitta question mark i hear a chime
For thinking out the box fire flower in my mind
Set the track a blaze no just baselines
Envisioning the music thru Stevie wonders eyes
And I’m,
L.A’s finest, here ta take ya shine while u watch, timeless,
Do rewind us,
The streets is behind us somewhere rollin down Slauson is where you’ll
Find us
Winning the race I see ya headlights behind us
Fuckin’ all ya girls,
Asshole vagina
She said that I got the medication for her sinus
Put one up her nose
Then she sneeze ta remind us,
Feed her avocado rolls till she get the itis
Screaming all I seen was white looking out my iris
Wolves are back here to keep the lambs silenced
Drink domesticated beers cause violence
This a sample to the show no pilot
They gassing u niggaz flying wit limited mileage
So when u crash and burn
We don’t even have ta file it,
Did this for the commentators looking at my scroll,
Listen to the words and u reap what u sow…