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Oddisee – The Stand Interview (Video)

blame it on Meka March 3, 2010


Oddisee, of the celebrated group Diamond District, gives The Stand insight into the many facets of his life in interview. As an integral part of Oddisee’s life, the rapper talks about the double meaning of his name setting the stage for his rhyming career from a young age and how his hometown of D.C. has shaped his music – hardcore hip-hop without the violence. However, this is one artist not to be restricted to a single genre. His love and passion for music keep tracks fresh as Oddisee prides himself on taking bits and pieces of many genres and incorporating them into his music. His motto, “Keep it fresh, keep it alive, and keep it relevant,” has kept the emcee on the cutting edge of music without forgetting his hip-hop roots. Living in the political capital of the US has also shaped Oddisee as an activist, and has led him to constantly try to relay a message through his music. Oddisee closes the interview with, “You gotta stand for something or we’ll fall for anything.” With an excellent group effort in 2009 and an equally impressive solo project to kick off the new year, it’s clear that Oddisee, at the very least, is standing up and being heard as a name to be recognized in music.

“I keep my chin up, back straight, check my shoulders…”

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