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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: Mc’z Act Lik3

blame it on Meka March 5, 2010

After being inspired from his Freestyle Friday entry last week, Picaso has teamed up with yours truly to work on an upcoming FreEP of raw rap shit. Be on the look out for that in the next few. Meanwhile, Thr33zy McFly is the latest entrant this week. Lyrics to go down bottom.


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Born 1989,
Two months b3for3 th3 90’z
Gu33ss th3 80’z n33d3d m3
N3v3r got g3om3try
So I skipp3d that & wrot3 raps
Gav3 it to you bitch3s so raw
I caught claps HA!
No clinic
I’m turnt to th3 max
G3t a nigga trapp3d ov3r ch33s3
Lik3 a rat,
Lik3 dat
Li3 to a bitch but I still stat3 facts
On all my tracks
Consist3nt rap
Y3ah U niggaz consist3nt but ya shit consistantly wack
S3rv3 niggaz lik3 wait3rs
I’m no long3r callin out fad3s
I’m handin out tap3rs
But I’m no barb3r
I go much hard3r
While u niggaz follow Lil Wayn3 and the Cart3r
And I ain’t talkin to th3 fans
I’m talkin to th3se rapp3rs who b luvin to sound lik3 th3 n3xt man
My controll3r don’t play th3m gam3s
I switch g3ar
switch lan3s
N3v3rmind m3
I’m jus twisting up the b3st w33d
Your mixtap3 is a frisby
Artistically a nigga b33n a G
Got the gr33n room lookin like a chimn3y
No phone call
Nigga this a phon3 ch3ck
I spr3ad like canc3r
No cigar3tt3s
Ya n3w bitch ain’t fuccin wit my old ho3
U pricks got it twist3d
I b3at the pussy knock it out lik3 Rambo
Finna b th3 h3ad honcho
I mak3 ya cr3w look twice n amaz3m3nt
I’m racin
It’s no tim3 4 pacin
A bitch can’t swim
Dnt sav3 3m
Replac3 3m
Don’t st3p on my su3de kicks