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Small Eyez – SXSW It’s Over Freestyle

blame it on Shake March 12, 2010

With the homie Small Eyez performing at SXSW next Friday (at the Hip Hop Howl showcase) he decided to let loose of this freestyle. Over Drake’s Thank Me Later single. Lyrics after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Small Eyez – SXSW It’s Over Freestyle | Mediafire

Time is Of the Essence, Describe as Survivors we Arriving off the Blessings/
These Universal Minds Seek Alignment through the Message/
I Just Scribed It & Decided to Revive it & Invest It/
These Bars Got Mutual Funds, The Future Begun/
The Second You Envision It/
My Mind is Out of this World, Watch when the Collision Hit/
Indigenous Penmanship Limitless Gimmicks Diminish Them/
Sling Shots To Yo Soul, Im Dennis the Menace Man/
And He Stands Out Like, & Expands Out Light/
Beamin, Seeming Like I Ain’t Fighting Demons/
Put The Sun in Intravenous, Like im Summoning the Phoenix/
And im tryna Get the Love like Venus/
Wit a girl wit a Butt like Serenas/
I Ain’t nowhere even close to even approaching on my Zenith!/
Get a lil Close & im gon bring this to the World/
What’s the Purpose?, to hit em wit the verses/
And give em all what they been searching for/
They thirsty, pour it on the sound, they’ll absorb it in awhile/
Moving forward never down, im exploring wit no bounds/
No Ceiling, Flow Willing Like Fresh Prince/
Fresh Since 84/
Tell Me What They Waiting For!/