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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: Finale

blame it on Meka March 19, 2010

It’s been a great run of Freestyle Fridays with the Language Artz crew, now their turn comes to an end. Mad props for allowing this to happen. For those that didn’t grab any of them, no worries: there will be a freEP coming soon. In order, it’s Picaso, Raven Sorvino, Thr33zy McFly, Ryan Gee, Gerrentee, A.T, Bread, Josh Theory. Lyrics to go down bottom.


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Never will it stop
16z wit automatic infra red lazers thatll burn thru ya thoughts
Glidin on my charriots n Rome fresh Caesar
And I dont like ranch on my salad, homo thugs
The rhyme is the iron
My brain is the plug
The delivery iz the steam thats creasin u up
Straighten u up
This the syllabus to the Language Artz class one read ya brain emerges
from ya skull literally
Theyll find particules of jaw, from South Central lawns to the shores
of Italy
And I aint gotta walk I float when I wanna
All I see is green iguanas
Gotta farm full of filipina broads that’ll tend ta my lamas,
They get the milk from the titty,
They make me pillows from the wool and I walk thru the city
chest out im that nigga
Aint sidin wit broads im sidin wit figgaz
U a victim of the circumstance
Substance abuse till his bottom lip quiver Caso delivers
In measurments of rictor
His heart beat thumpin
Raven rip his asshole so he can shit a pumpkin

Raven Sorvino:
Mo murder mo murder mo murder every line
redrum Raven decapitating these rhymes
Ima flair gun on paper,
blazing through your mind
if you dare don’t pay us we snatching out ya spine
I ain’t lie’n (she ain’t lie’n)
I know they spying, watching our every move
bitch I will burry you
I’m going in Rage something like Carrie 2
against the machine, respect only very few
it’s nothing better than the feeling of winning that’s living
gotta contract on your head no women and children
unless a bitch said something that was outta line
grab the trench coat strapped up Columbine
I’m rapping all the time nigga why you all in mine
no internet buzz? how the hell you call it grind
I walk a think line on my Johnny need the Cash
Staples lobby, Lakeshow season pass

Thr33zy McFly:
Lotta niggaz turn bitch
When u jump on sum real shit
I’m fully equip
Errday Christmas
Fucca sneak diss
It don’t make sense
Say my name if u want me to believe it
Got my j’z on number is 6
Divide that by 2 you get me that’s 3
I’m wildin out
Blame it on the champagne
Salute me when u see me
Imma young Major Payne
Now drop down gimmie 50
Nip Hu$$le would told yall niggaz drop down gimme 60
Surf thru the city
and Bag hoes
It don’t matter if I’m dressed or I’m gritty
Miss me
Wit all that bullshit u talk
I’ll get u outlined in chalk
I heard bout da lil whips
That you bought
Imma take those n start a taxi service

Ryan Gee:
Got damn u new rappers so wortless,
got the blunt now my finger Rollin, Gervin
Shout out to Meka blazin like Clyde Drexler
but I will never trail unless the mix flavor is chedda
Bitch wasn’t actin right that’s why left her
Polo from the feet up ain’t nobody fresha
answer to nobody live life like a boss
and the world is cut throat so I’m choppin headz off
We got new shit now niggaz slangin black purp,
well I am 2 like 2 in the morning backwards
I only hang with the bitches who get them L staccs
buyin out the bar like she cheatin on the L SAT
If her booty big beat it from the bacc son
Tryna act bad on the Mic will get u Jack son
U dont think my flows the baddest keep opinions to ya self ur better off judging Mathis, bastard!

I’m back niggaz!
same ol constant contradiction
well mannered but I’m still spittin
swear shit so reverse in my life
gave em game for free now I gotta pay the price
said fuck these bitches!
now they love me, show love to my niggaz
and now they wanna slug me
got new friends but I’m back with my old niggaz
new money but I’m still spending old figgaz
I’m so fly but I still grind,
I’m the truth but I’m still lie’n
say I’m broke but i’m still buyin
even though its 2010 aint much change niggaz still holding up the 9
play no games like I’m riding the pine
say no bodies perfect but I fit the design
so obvious shit ain’t what it used to be
shook niggaz swapping jewels for they rosary I still get em

Uh huh I still get em,
I gotta come through and keep it real wit em
We in the war zone in the war zone where ya gun
niggaz 4’z blow in ya torso when ya done
and the lord knows aint no Zoro’s finna come
Shit it’s more so of a Goro for ya funds
hope its war clothes inya wardrobe when you come
it’s like the North Pole for them poorsels in the slums
shit its so cold they let the torch blow inya cornrows
niggaz put you on your own to the sun
I’m on my spaz rap shit,
all a nigga think about is blowing up like I grew up with Afghan kids
speaking of that used to fuck with a Baghdad bitch
had the bomb ass pussy, I had ta bag dat bitch
nigga run with a crew of mad mad men
no a MC, just 8 MC’s, and when they MC, nigga they envy
now that’s a show they need to show at the AMC
you rap niggaz is five five fingay
by the way thats a moment for ha ha he’s gay
but just get better or get better
but while you get bitter I’m getting a bit better
cuz I know you don’t know
and my flow is rhino cause you so close
gotta short fuse, if mine blow don’t matter ya time zone
you gon need doctor 9-0-2-1-0

The massacre is science
in my rubics cube defiant
live on hallowed grounds
shadow boxing with tyrants
breaking bread with my desciples
in the same breath im dying
death amongst thieves
king dealer
ryhme sprewer
and my spittatry is unjust
to what your ears lust
for forty days day dream
of the judas disguise
as rappers so I close caskets
divide and conquer
and my wizardy is infinite
the master of my ministry
properly to your symphony
I raise hell
the grave digger
for competition im waiting
for the apacolypse times 2
a notorious mind state
for the bigger picture
flow shopper the witch doctor
dismantle limbs
and tell em all fuck a feature
put your nose to the speaker
then inhale sin

Josh Theory:
rhyme nasty I stay on that gamora and sodomize
keep a hot buzz like when Beelzebub fell from the sky
halo drops gotta slight fetish for women with mayo tops
my bread no bleach
money in a black mans hand thats cream of wheat
i’m under the influence with verse one
I spit martini this is two parts lung
three parts heart, Pakistan thoughts
and i’m holdin the mic with Afghanistan arms
watch me let off, it’s dope like i’m lettin off sherm
claw up the charts with a Wolverine perm
there is no other Josh,
you gone need a pre-apple eve and adam sperm
i’m perfect you nerd,
you gone need a pre-apple eve and a sample of adam sperm