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Young Buck x 2DopeBoyz (Video)

blame it on Shake March 23, 2010

Back story… earlier tonight Buck was on Ustream recording a new song. He finished it up, got it mixed and blasted it out. And like usual, the dopehouse was the first site to post. The above video is Buck’s reaction after being told we had the song up. He shouts 2dbz out and speaks on us using the classic young buck image at times. The fact that he took it in stride and realizes it’s all fun and games is really dope to me. Some folks need to realize that I (and most likely Mek) don’t “hate” anyone. Anytime we blur Ricky’s titties, shorten Birdman’s name or call Waka Flocka Fozzie Bear it’s just us fucking around. Bringing a little humor to the site, as some people are just too serious and need to relax. So once again, big shouts to Young Buck for checking out the site and having a sense of humor.