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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: Story Rhyme Lesson

blame it on Meka April 2, 2010

For today’s edition of (2)Dope Freestyle Friday, Gripz goes in over some vintage Primo production. Lyrics to go down bottom.

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Cold day, dark night started with a hawk fight
Sharp knife Spinal hit dude a never walk right
All over a few bucks they killed ’em
Knowin’ that the fam got a wife and 3 children
What they didn’t no is that he had a brother
A crazy muthafuka a known street hustler
Addicted to the smell a gun smoke and butter
Revenge on his mind burial a be the gutter
Funeral service family at the churches
Momma cryin’ yellin’ how evil this damn earth is
Big brother at the gun shop purchase
An AR with 100 clip drum worthless
Nah perfect then he got a plan
He want them muthafukas to suffer just like his fam
Rifle in his hand sniper on a stand
Dude’s wife in the scope tried to pop and it jammed
Damn God intervening and he’s right
I shouldn’t kill his wife just him take his life
No knife we can play Russian roulette
2 guns mine’s blank your’s real new paint
Red blood all over the ceiling
Now it’s on to the one that hawked my brother I’ma kill ’em
Chain saw revving heatin’ up the engine
One leg gone now the other one hanging
Don’t kill just paralyze no Heaven
Every limb gone muthafuka that’s the ending
For my fam best believe I’ma defend ’em
Any harm done to them I’m gone revenge them
follow instructions I’m the teacher no interruptions
This rhyme class we ain’t tryna let y’all fucks in
Today’s lesson is delivery you hearin’ me clearly
Good whoever not lyrically fearin’ me should
I was born to be a monster hunter
Where the dirt be is were I put you rappers under
Throw me that plunger y’all cloggin’ up the game
The shit I release is fogging up my aim
For the top spot brozy I have the map lonely
I got the blueprint shout to Hovie
Now I’m gon’ make my way into the industry
Lotta bullshit rap no delivery you kiddin’ me
I’m here to be a legend a lyrical weapon
No car soon to be a Lambo engine revvin’
Groupies a be letting me get they vaginas wettin’
MD, Maryland 301 DMV I’m reppin’