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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: 1989

blame it on Meka April 9, 2010

I think I accidentally tossed out the lyrics to this edition of (2)Dope Freestyle Fridays, so hopefully Gripz will shoot them over sooner than later. Anyways, here’s a little exercise over Pete Rock’s “Nothin’ Lesser.” Found the lyrics, which I’ve put down bottom.

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Listen I’m bringin’ it back to the 89
A baby born with a passion rappin’ like Jay-Z prime
A lady cryin’ but the baby fine the year was to be mine
18 year old momma named the baby Louie and I’m, here,
A very intelligent relevant artist half Dominican
And half American pedestrian born in Maryland
A paranoid type a person so my guns I carry them
Anyone fuck wit me trust believe I will bury them
2010 is the year now and I’m livin’
With an ebony girl in this heavenly world I was given
Oh yeah I’m drivin’ no chauffeur no engine
I’m talkin’ about my personality the flow sickening
No prescription needed I just get the track and eat it
The lyrics like a broke car bars over heated
The Rover seated with my girl I’m married soon to be it
Oh I believe it she my world she ain’t never cheated
Every track every rhyme that I’m kickin’ they hatin’
You whilin’ B tryin’ me like playin’ chicken wit Satan
I’m motivatin’ levitatin’ to a higher place and
I’m amazing devastatin’ lyrics fire blazin’
Regularly wreckin’ the lab pen an a pad getting ’em mad
Cuz they no that soon I’m gone be out side whippin’ a Jaguar
Tire burnin’ as I hit the gas
Flyin’ past these muh’fuckin haters as I smile and laugh
I pile the trash up while they bite my style up
Individual syllables critical criminal yeah they wild yup
I ain’t ever gone quit this music I’m dedicated
Bet I make it to the top charts were I levitated
Tryna go platinum from rappin’ um I’m passin’ ’em
All you fuckas that say I’m not nice I’m attackin’ them
I rip a track and then pass it to the industry
Them labels a hear the flow an give me a go I’m makin’ history.