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DJ Premier Says Kanye West’s New Album is “Strictly Hard Beats and Rhyme”

blame it on Shake April 9, 2010

Although I was actually a fan of 808s & Heartbreaks, it’s dope to hear that Kanye is back on his shit. I’m really excited to see what’s he got instore for us. The below quote is taken from Premo’s interview with The Red Bulletin. Shouts to Sean on the heads up.

You’ve worked with some pretty mainstream pop artists recently, people like Christina Aguilera and Kanye West. Does working in the mainstream damage “real” hip hop?

Well, first of all, if you look at all of Kanye West’s output, he actually did a lot of bring back sampling and make it cool again, even though he’s more of a mainstream artist. But his new album is strictly hard beats and rhymes. He’s totally done with electro. You’re gonna be surprised what you hear.

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