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Jay Electronica’s Exhibit C Video Still Coming (Video)

blame it on Shake April 9, 2010

MTV catches up with Coodie and Chike of CreativeControl to talk about the elusive Exhibit C video.

“We’re in discussion. We’ve been building on it, so hopefully soon,” Coodie said. “We’re moving on it, man. We’re in pre-production actually preparing to do it, so we’ll see.”

“Yeah, but Jay is quite the magician, so he’s visible one minute and disappears the next,” Chike chimed in.

“Without giving it away, it’s definitely something that’s going to be very interesting, and it’s going to take a lot of artists,” Chike said. “Not just rappers, but a lot of artists as far as putting this together. Cats that are true with their craft. It’s going to be dope.”

Jay Elect also speaks on the time he takes with his projects (text below).

“For the past few years, I’ve been working at my own pace,” Jay said. “Not necessarily out of stubbornness; it’s just that I’ve been doing it for so long and trying to accomplish the thing for so long that I finally found being my own self and working in my own time and being the most natural is the things that yields the best results for me.

“When questions like that come,” Electronica said about answering when his album will drop, “I would like to tell you, ‘Yo, it’s coming next week, two weeks from now.’ Because we have projects, me and Just Blaze, we got gangs of songs. I speak to Nas on a regular basis. We’re working on music together. There are a lot of things going on. But I don’t necessarily have a calendar mark of when a thing is coming, because I just kind of want to keep going the way it has been going, which has got me to this point. When I have been on a calendar, when I have been trying to do it that way, it hasn’t been successful for me. It hasn’t yielded any results.”