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Bizarre’s Letter To Proof

blame it on Meka April 11, 2010

Today marks the fourth year of the tragic passing of one DeShaun Dupree Holton, better known as Proof, and his former D12 running mate Bizarre penned a letter to his fallen friend:

If he was alive it’d be funny to see him interact with these new guys in the game. His pranks were legendary. Anybody could get it at any time. Honestly, we pranked reporters more than anybody else. We’d do stupid stuff like answer the door and be naked. We got away with a lot overseas.

Proof was always a jokester but through it all he took me under his wing. He really let me explore. He would always make sure that I was straight. Didn’t matter what it was. He’d make sure that I had money in my pocket and always kept a funny line in the pocket. I was a young guy, so you know, I really want to take this time out to thank him for his knowledge. He always had a lot of quotes and wise stuff he’d always say…

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