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A Day In The Life Of DaVinci (Video)

blame it on Meka April 12, 2010


Following the splash made by his debut release of The Day The Turf Stood Still – DaVinci’s self-described “soundtrack for gentrification and urban renewal” – The Fillmore District’s DaVinci linked up with the one and only, The Smoking Section, out in his hometown to give viewers insight into what a day in the life is like for the rising MC. Escorting viewers through the streets of this culturally and historically rich district of San Francisco, DaVinci expresses the impact that his hometown has had upon his music, and the prolific stock of inspiration that he has derived from living there. He takes a moment in the video to drop by the New Chicago Barber Shop and talk with the owner, Reggie Pettus, who is affectionately nicknamed the Mayor of Fillmore. They discuss the vibrant history of this area, from the 1950’s, when the streets were perpetually flooded with the sounds of jazz and blues, to the present-day hip-hop culture. Throughout the feature piece, it quickly becomes clear that DaVinci’s music is the result of his history and the history and culture of his hometown.

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