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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: Ain’t None Of Y’all Betta

blame it on Meka April 16, 2010

This week’s edition finds Gripz rhyming of the DJ Premier-produced Jadakiss cut of the same name. Lyrics (to go) down bottom.

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Ain’t none of y’all nicer, knife or the sniper
Scope on, I can take the life from a lifer
Type to, pour gasoline on a biker
Walk up in the gas station and get a lighter
Strike a, fire, bullet hole fly a
Treat haters like a book case an divide ya’
Homie I advise ya, listen right now
Do like the Jacksons and go and put ya’ mic down
And leave this here rap alone
You a hip hop fragrance a rapper clone and me
Me I’m just a rapper known
To destroy any microphone that I’m on
Slice to the bone, machete on the rifle
You a fan a swayzie, you can meet ya’ idol
Swear to the bible, click click jam
I’ma run this rap ring like Vince McMahon
Hawk or Beretta
Chalked in the desert when I’m sparkin’ the lever
Listen, if you got a ‘volver then use it
Go and play Russian roulette, with a full clip
Haters stupid, get ya’ gun shoot it
Put it to ya’ brain and let it pow like Whoo-Kid
Now ya roofless a hurricane victim
I treat the tracks like an assassin, I R.I.P. them
The flow sickening, crazy, loco
Have ya’ dogs sniffin’ up the bricks like Toto
O’d slow mo’, the lines all crack
The bars all coke an I’m dealin’ them tracks
Ya bouta G for a verse
Hater fuck with me and it’s free for a hearse
Bleed in the dirt, runnin’ y’all cheddar
Like Jadakiss say ain’t none of y’all better