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(2)Dope Freestyle Friday: A Million And One

blame it on Meka April 23, 2010

Continuing on with his (2)Dope Freestyle Friday series, Gripz checks in over another Primo Instrumental. Lyrics to go down bottom.

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A lotta mutha fuckas wanna see me dead
See me fed, to a bull with my body all painted in red
I was bred from a hustler, father was an OG
Me I’m on that music, the flow be OD
Hatter you don’t know me, watch like a Roley
I teach you how to be a MVP like Kobe
A beast like Hovie, I’ll draw u up a blueprint
I paralyze ya hole team an fuck up ya movement
What you doin’, this knife’ll hurt ya
And put you under sand like the Prince Of Persia
I’m in for murder, assault with a deadly bar
This flow soon gone have me ridin’ in a Bentley car
Try & tempt me dog
I’ll turn into a mutha fuckin’ veterinarian and cut ya belly off
I let the Desi cough, blatt why u joggin’
Nickelodeon bullet’ll hit you in ya noggin
Short temper for the nonsense
From the day I got my microphone ya I been the bomb since

A lot a mutha fuckas wanna try my patience
They think I won’t put a shell in the gun and let it tear apart they faces
I’m on space ships,way past hatters
Sittin’ on the moon with a sniper with a laser
Pocket full of razors, Joker face a bum
Carve the “Gripz” logo on they face and they done
I’m placed in the slum with the apes and my gun
I’m kinda like the poachers, I spray and they run
I’m grateful for some, my mom being one
My girl be the other and my dad and my brother
My father from the gutter, my mother from the gutter
So I’m tryna get this paper hater tryna get this butter
But these mutha fuckas’ ears ain’t workin I see
Them and an RS hear the music and don’t sign me
“His vocabs nice but his words too grimy”
He talk about Rugers, guns, knives and shotties
Oh, y’all don’t like them disrespectful bars
Well, this next one u gon’ hate even more
I hope one day your mom’s on an airplane chillin’
An a asteroid drop rite where your mom sittin’