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Akrobatik – Rap Royalty (Rest in Power Guru)

blame it on Shake April 23, 2010

In these days and times, when a legend passes in hip hop (or music in general) it’s a safe bet that the world will be flooded with “tribute” songs shortly after. I’d have to agree with what Mek said in his recent Slang Editorial about how certain artists try and take advantage of the loss of someone by simply rhyming over one of their tracks and putting it on the internet. Some artists even have the audacity to rhyme about shooting and trappin’ seconds after the words “Rest in Peace” exit their mouth. It’s nothing short of embarrassing and disrespectful. This is not me saying that all tributes are used in that matter; as I definitely notice the sincerity some folks have, but it’s hard to deny some are just a desperate cry for attention.

So with that being said… Akro felt the need to pay homage to the legendary emcee; who just so happened to be born in the same area. I’m with it… Rest in Power Guru!

DOWNLOAD: Akrobatik – Rap Royalty (Rest in Power Guru) | Mediafire