Meka’s Soul Mix Show: Flip The Script x DJ Premier Speaks On The Holar Fuckery

blame it on JES7 April 28, 2010

“He’d best behave, or I’m a send him a wave // Of some shocking volts, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about // He’s kicking off a bunch of crap so I’ll be the judge of that // The boy lacks artistry, but still tries hard to be // An entertainer, but instead he’s a waste of my time and your time…”

This same bassline was used for a certain 90s R&B hit featuring two obsolete Bad Boy artists. Continuing on with celebrating the Guru, Premo and the Gang Starr Foundation’s legacy and music. In related news, down bottom you will find a link to DJ Premier’s interview with Vibe, where he addresses a few issues that the World has been waiting to hear, and another link where Holar’s baby mama speaks.

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Vibe: How hurtful was it that one person could destroy someone’s legacy the way Solar has?

It hurts. But that’s based on the fact that none of the things being said are true. Just from the amount of work we have put in… We talking about almost 18 years. That’s a long time. If we didn’t make history, maybe I could deal with it a different way. But we made history together and he was alive to see it. Guru was able to get two gold albums; he was able to do the Jazzmatazz album. So everything that we gained makes you think, “You mean to tell me you are going to blow it all away and act like that’s not an important part of what made us who we are?” With a silly ass letter like that??? When you say ‘Ex-DJ’ where is my name at? Because there are two other DJ’s that was DJing with Guru besides me. There was Doo Wop and Shawn Ski, who was our backup DJ when I had to go back to college. He always held us down. Calling me the ex-DJ doesn’t mean anything to me. Why don’t you just say Christopher Martin?

DJ Premier Speaks With Vibe

DX: As a member of the press, often times, prior to an interview, Premier’s name and Gang Starr were often not allowed to be mentioned at all. Did you know anything, as far as behind-closed-doors for the motives in that?

Tasha Denham: I definitely know that press was told, numerous times, not to speak on Gang Starr, not to ask questions on Gang Starr or Premier. And [press was told], that if they were to speak on it, the interview would pretty much be over. I know this because I was the one who told the press this a lot of times. I was required to prep people ahead of time, basically, on what questions were going to be acceptable, and that they wanted to focus on 7 Grand at the time, and whatever album at the time was coming out, and not on the past – it didn’t matter. Again, I believe it all stemmed from…I think when Solar got into [the music industry], I feel that he thought it was just gonna take off like that. They were gonna have instant love around the world, instant fame, instant fortune from this label. I don’t think he got the realities of quite how hard it was gonna be to overcome the legacy that [Gang Starr] had together. I think that his jealousy of both Premier and Guru’s fame around the world – yeah, there’s a lot of people who don’t know who they are, but anybody who really knows Hip Hop, and especially in Europe and such, it’s insane amounts of love and fame out there. Solar would go places and people would want Premier, they wouldn’t want Solar. Not because they hated Solar, but because they didn’t know Solar. They wanted the legendary Gang Starr, with its producer.

Tasha Denham Speaks Out On A Few Issues