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Havoc On Producing for Eminem (Audio)

blame it on Shake May 1, 2010

1/2 of Mobb Deep talks with MTV about working with Eminem on his upcoming album.

“When it came to him, it’s like, I really didn’t want to give him a track that he was already kind of familiar with rhyming to,” Havoc said. “I just wanted to do me and doing me consists of doing all kinds of different styles than what they associate me with, which is dark-sounding. The track that I did for him, it’s dark and at the same time it can go across the board as far as the content in the sample and what it’s saying. I try to think outside the box but not go too far with it. I think I met myself somewhere in the middle, and I hit him with a track and it worked.”

This should please more than a few folks as I remember reading some banter in the c-section about his single being too uplifting and not like the Em we all know.