Hip Hop

Spec Boogie (of The Lessondary) – Better Than Ever f. Peter Hadar

blame it on Meka May 10, 2010

I miss you more and more with every breath
your physical might be gone, your spirit has never left
wasn’t finished learning yet, I had so many questions
I was way too young to lose my best friend
now I know I didn’t understand before
to grow from am mommas boy into a man I had to stand alone
on my own two, I never told you
Happy birthday right before your soul flew
nothing I won’t do, to hear you laugh again
say what’s up to Uncle Moe, Grandma, Dad & them
tell them I miss them
I know you and Pops are dancing in the stars like you did in the kitchen
it’s hard to follow religions, but I keep my faith in them
so if I don’t see tomorrow then I’ll see your face again
sometimes I don’t know which one I’d rather see
but life is god and hey, it ain’t up to me. – Spec

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