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Rick Ross In Awe of Jay-Z (Video)

blame it on Shake May 20, 2010

After Hov’s last stop of The Blueprint 3 tour in Vegas (great show btw), him and Ricky linked up for a track off his upcoming album, Teflon Don. In the clip above he breaks down Jay’s Rain Man rendition.

“Played it, [Jay] listened to it,” he continued. “We played it, backed it up, played it again. Played it, backed it up, played it again. Backed it up, and he spit his verse. It’s gonna be magic for people to see Jay do his “Rain [Man]” when he’s rubbing his head, like he puling his rhymes outta his mind. Just to see somebody come up with a verse that potent in less than two or three minutes … ’cause it was just a snippet. The beat may have played for a minute and a half and started over,” a process Ross says was repeated a few times as Jay composed. “He had his 16, an idea for the chorus. Trey Songz, all of us standing around in awe.”

“It’s most definitely a surreal feeling,” the Bawse added. “Something that’s real hard to describe. When you have that camaraderie with someone, and you all continue to raise the bar somewhat — it blowed the whole room. Shout out to [Jay-Z cohorts] O.G. Juan, Tah Tah. One of the words I said in my verse, it triggered something in [Jay’s] mind. He had so many things to say about it. The content of the record, it’s gonna answer a lot of things that’s been circulating. It’s going to be moving.”

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